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Hanse is a tool for analysing international trade flows. Hanse offers unique search capabilities at a highly detailed level to help identify critical trade relationships.


China indicated that it may restrict international trade in high technology products with the U.S. as part of the mounting U.S.-China trade dispute. Hanse data show that the China increased its share in U.S. high technology sector imports significantly during the past 10 years. The biggest losers in U.S. high technology imports were the E.U. and Mexico.

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The U.S. has now delayed slapping additional tariffs on motor cars and motor car parts from the E.U. and Japan. Hanse data show that U.S. auto imports have been subject to a significant transformation since establishment of NAFTA in 1994. The E.U. and Japan had been affected quite differently.

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The U.S.-China trade dispute seems at risk to escalate further. Hanse data show the U.S. had considerable success in exporting to China in a narrow range of sectors amid a high concentration of its trade. This may make certain U.S. industries including mineral fuels, aircrafts and oil seeds and oleaginous fruits particularly vulnerable to sustained trade tensions.

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Mexico: USA imports for sectors having market share growing faster than in Germany in 2010-2016

Japan Import, 87-Vehicles; other than railway or tramway rolling stock, and parts and accessories thereof, with the largest market share in 2016

12 September 2018

The escalation of the US-China trade war serves as a reminder that countries suffer differently under trade frictions depending on their relative trade positions. The impact of tariffs on trade and trade diversion are notoriously difficult to estimate. However, looking at trade sectors, past expansions should reveal where trade frictions are likely to have the biggest impact. China and the US maintain very narrow trade patterns in their bilateral goods trade and are therefore highly susceptible

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20 Aug 2018

Turkey faces a potentially severe economic crisis amid poor domestic economic policy decisions and mounting sanctions by the U.S. While Turkey has sustained high economic growth since 2010 of 6.5 percent per year, the recent sharp depreciation of the lira from 3.80 lira to the dollar at end-2017 to 6.01 lira on 17 August risks destabilising the economy and undermine its capacity to service its external debt. An economic crisis would naturally impact Turkey’s bilateral international trade relations.

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23 April 2018

The product iron or steel structures and parts thereof HS730890 forms part of grouping HS7308 structures of iron or steel and parts thereof; plates, rods, angles, shapes, sections, tubes and the like, prepared for use in structures of chapter HS73 iron and steel articles. Grouping HS7308 comprises 4 other products: HS730810 iron or steel; structures and parts thereof; bridges and bridge-sections; HS730820 iron or steel; structures and parts thereof, towers and lattice masts

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Why Hanse?

Unique search capabilities and tools

Identify critical international trade patterns, relationships and competitors

Perform detailed country, sector and product analyses

200 million records of exports and imports of the U.S., European Union (12), Japan and China and more than 180 partner countries

Harmonised System (HS) at up to 6 digits (5053 products) from 2000 through today

Standard International Trade Classification (SITC) revision 1 at up to 5 digits (1033 product) from 1963 through today


Hanse has been developed by Ousmène Jacques Mandeng with Hanse International Trade Analytics, a start-up located in London, U.K. that focuses on economic data processing and business intelligence software.

Ousmène has worked on international trade for many years and developed the programme Trade CAN for analysing international trade for the U.N. Economic Commission for Latin America (ECLAC) during the 1990s.

The data underlying Hanse is from the United National Comtrade database and updated continuously.